The April 30th Café Restaurant

If you want to find a restaurant for enjoying specialities or coffee while sight seeing the hole view of Independence Palace at a reasonable price, the April 30th Café Restaurant is the only one place you should choose. It is at gate 1, Huyen Tran Cong Chua street.

It is said “There is no cheap happiness”. However, with the April 30th Café Restaurant you can find “cheap happiness”. We are proud to bring you happiness.

The April 30th Café Restaurant is a favorite place for Vietnamese and foreign guests whenever they visit the Independence Palace, a historical relic. It is also a place where Saigonese could come and enjoy relaxed moment for families, friends in a cool area with shady trees all the year round.

The April 30th Café Restaurant has an area of ​​500 square meters for the restaurant and 500 square meters for gardens. There are professional staffs, and chefs ready to meet your needs for food from the rustic dishes to traditional ones, the three regions specialties and dishes from Europe, Asia, etc. especially cozy family dinner in the evening with all kinds of carp soup pot, crab soup pot, goby pot, etc.

Breakfast Café

Leaving behind the heat of Saigon and the fatigue of work, you could enjoy fresh air, the nature and the bitterness, sweetness as well as the good taste of a cup of coffee at the April 30th Café Restaurant. Any fatigue or worries seem to disappear. There is only the gentle soaring left for each guest. The coffee drops fall slowly help you feel the deposition time and see all Saigon appear in your coffee. Saigon of the past, Saigon of the present and Saigon of yourself.

Office Lunch

Along with nature and nice aroma from the coffee, tourists’ taste can be awaken with special traditional dishes. Office lunch here is really delicious and nutritious. Let enjoy lunch with friends, collegues in an airy and impressive space.