If you want to find a restaurant for enjoying specialities or coffee while sight seeing the hole view of Independence Palace at a reasonable price, the April 30th Café Restaurant is the only one place you should choose. It is at gate 1, Huyen Tran Cong Chua street.

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There are three luxurious air-conditioned restaurants for 120-400 guests, two outdoor lobbies for…
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Conference Lobby

108 Nguyen Du Convention Center designed for big events consists of five halls accommodating around…
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Our Service

23/05/2018 Our Service, Service

Wedding Banquet Restaurant

There are one hall with maximum capacity up to 500 seats for guests and two outdoor lobbies holding over 1000 guests in  108 Nguyen Du Convention Center which is used for celebrating your romantic and qualified wedding parties. If you are planning for your wedding day, this is a trustful place for your perfect wedding.

Coming with us, lots of special things can be found in your wedding day such as cozy and luxurious lobbies, impressive menus, ideal service style, professional audio, light system, and suitable numbers of tables, etc.

You and our staffs in  108 Nguyen Du Convention Center will plan for your perfect wedding which can be made more meaningful, creative than what you can think and wish to be.

You will be the one can make your wedding picture lively. That is inevitable. However, 108 Nguyen Du Convention Center can help you improve each drawing in your wedding picture when we accompany with you on the most special day of your lifetime in order to make it a forever masterpiece.

We are ready to create an unforgetable memory with you.