Finding a cultural and historical space with dozens of airy and spacious acres growing shady trees for holding wedding parties, conference, accommodation, cafe is a dream of many people from a crowded city like Ho Chi Minh city.

Coming with us, your dream will come true.

Located at the 12 hectare campus with lots of shadowy trees, 108 Nguyen Du Convention Center and the thirtieth April café restaurant are directed by experienced staff and could offer customers perfect services such as indoor outdoor wedding parties, conferences, guest rooms, coffee, breakfasts, office lunches…and especially cozy family parties at nights with carp or crab or goby hot pots, etc.

Simple but sophisticated architecture, 108 Nguyen Du Convention Center and the thirtieth April café restaurant, opened friendly spaces with romantic environment, private car park and professional quality service, are ideal locations for wedding parties, conferences, parties, cultural events, entertainment and meetings, etc.